Force of Me

Mobile application that helps you find happiness by identifying your beliefs while encouraging you to stay focused and positive.

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The Theory

The theory behind this is based on the fact that we emotionally react to our reality constantly in everyday situations. But how we feel about it is defined by held beliefs shaped through the years of our lifelong education.

The Problem

The problem with our belief system is that any belief we hold might conflict with another belief in any situation.

For instance: when someone wishes for more money (popular subject these days, hence the analogy) and subconsciously believes that money can destroy a person, those are two conflicting beliefs concerning the same matter that in combination cannot result in joyful emotion.

Consequently in this situation most likely money won’t happen and person failing tend to blame it on something or someone else without realizing that the problem is his own to start with.

The Solution

This application provides a solution by actively reminding you that you alone are responsible for your own reality and motivates you into believing in yourself.

It challenges you to question your own beliefs, through emotional evaluation identify conflicting ones, stay focused and positive.